Bond Market ready to start new upswing?

In seeing the move lower for Florida Mortgage Rates this week I am left wondering if this is a start of something big or just a bounce of the recent lows.  I have a feeling that we are going to see lower rates and the equities have been running out of steam.   Yes the rally has been very strong since last August but oil prices may be the one thing stocks cannot overcome.  With each trip to the local gas station, Americans feel the noose around our necks get that much tighter with each penny per gallon the price of gas rises.  Last night I saw an incredible jump of .38 cents in just two days.  Earlier in the week I paid 3.16 per gallon regular in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Last night it was 3.44 per gallon in the same location.  Ugly!

ETF for Bonds shows a lift of the recent bottom

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